Sarawakian food you need to try

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Laksa Sarawak and Kolo Mee are the two main foods that people will think of when Sarawak is mentioned but what else is there?

These delectable delicacies may be a little difficult to find in West Malaysia so… why not just visit Sarawak the next chance you get, just to stuff your face?

Kompia is basically like a mini bagel popularised by the Foochows and it’s usually served deep fried with lovely helpings of soy sauced seasoned pork mince. Unfried, the humble kompia can be a little tough but goes great with a glass of hot coffee during breakfast.

Kueh Chap can be found in Peninsular Malaysia in different forms but it remains more or less similar. A soy sauce based soup that can be quite herbal, pork innards and meat, paired with tau fu pok (puffy fried tofu) and sheets of silky kueh that’s usually cut into squares. In other states like Johor, this dish is more commonly known as kueh tiaw kia and is served with thick cut rice noodles instead of the square sheets.

Pork Leg Rice looks a lot like the braised pork rice commonly found in Thailand but the special thing about pork leg rice in Sarawak is that it’s served with a bowl of curry and another bowl of the braising sauce.

Umai as it’s known locally is a Melanau (one of the native groups in Sarawak) ceviche made with sliced raw fish, onions, chillies, salt and lime juice. So simple yet so delicious!

If you think this vegetable looks familiar, it looks a lot like paku that can be found in Peninsular Malaysia but this is actually Midin. Midin is a fern that’s a little crunchier than paku and is best enjoyed stir fried with chillies and garlic, in red wine or made into a Thai-style salad.

So… when’s your next foodie trip to Sarawak? Get planning!

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