How to (kinda) get your life together

posted by Susan Lau March 13, 2018 0 comments

Sometimes, there are just days where you feel like you’re failing at being an adult. Don’t worry too much about it, we all have our off days but there are ways to at least look like you’re trying to get it together.

#1: Get a planner

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No need to get too fancy. If you can’t be arsed to set it up bullet journal style, just get a yearly planner from any bookstore and write your appointments and daily tasks in it. Having a planner ensures that you won’t forget to do important tasks.

#2: Set an alarm 30 minutes before you’re supposed to wake up

Waking up in the morning is a pain but being late is just as annoying. Give yourself extra time in the morning to get ready and if coffee is your saviour, you’ll appreciate having the extra time to get caffeinated. If you’re the type who likes to hit snooze, set multiple alarms to make sure you wake up.

#3: Make your bed

It doesn’t sound like much but making it a habit to make your bed could lead to developing other healthy habits. A neat and tidy bed could lead to you finally cleaning up your messy room which could escalate to a scrub down of your whole house! Endless possibilities!

#4: Organise your bag every week

Whatever you choose to carry your stuff in, clean in out weekly. Throw away old receipts and file your important documents. Pack it for the week ahead and you’ll thank yourself especially if it’s going to be a crazy work week.

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