Ace that work-life balance

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Work-life balance isn’t easy to achieve and one or the other will usually fall by the wayside and oftentimes, it’s the ‘life’ part of the equation. Staying late in the office and skipping outings with your friends and family could seem like one off things but added up, burnout seems inevitable.

Here’re a few things to do in order to help you achieve work-life balance.

Say yes to the next invitation you get from your girl friends for brunch, lunch or better yet, drinks! Catching up on the latest news and gossip with your friends can help you relax and unwind especially after a long day at the office. Additionally, talking about your problems with people you trust can help you shed some light or perhaps your friends could give you some sound advice on how to solve an issue you’re having.

It sounds a bit obvious but don’t skip lunch! Skipping meals could cause you problems like gastric, bloating and worst yet, contribute to unhealthy weight gain. So, grab a clutch with essentials like tissues, office key card and cash, and go have a good lunch with your colleagues.

For some, function beats fashion on any day but sometimes, there’s a need to dress up and that includes accessorising with a nice bag. A handbag with longer handles allows you to carry it on your shoulders so you can make your commute while keeping your belongings safe and not trip anyone up. Additionally, a chic bag makes you look put together which could make or break your business deal.

Like the bags you see in this post? They’re from ace., a bag company from Japan who makes high quality and functional bags that promise to enhance your living and working style. These bags in particular are from the Jewelna Rose series of chic handbags, clutches and backpacks perfect for casual coffee meet ups to board meetings.

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