10 Steps To Get Over A Broken Heart

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#1 Talk to someone that genuinely cares

Sometimes the closest ones might not be ideal. As they may or may not be neutral and that can lead to much worse results. Be careful of who you pour open your heart to. 

#2 Give yourself time to heal

Learn to accept and be true to your own feelings. If you’re sad, be sad. If you want to cry your lungs out, cry your lungs out. Always remember to tackle your problems head-on.  GO THROUGH IT, AND NOT AROUND IT. 

#3 Pick up a new hobby or do something out of your comfort zone

Take this opportunity to try something new. It turns out that a workout session can actually have emotional benefits that go beyond improved self-esteem. It’s a great coping tool that can help release negative energy out of your system and sweat out the toxins. REMEMBER TO STAY HEALTHY!

#4 Practice self-love

Time like this is when you need to pick yourself up and practice self-love (its about you now, not your ex). If you continue to live for him or her it will take forever to get over it. WARNING: Don’t jump into a rebound relationship that rarely has a happy ending.

#5 Create your own safe circle

It is especially important if your life has collided with his/hers, meaning that both of you have mutual friends and its difficult where these friends may feel the need to tell you about him/her or how he’s/she’s been. So go on and create your own safe world – surround yourself with people who will allow you to be you.

#6 Dont see or contact him/her!

If either one of you have called it off and there’s no turning back in this relationship. Don’t bother contacting him/her or keep in touch with one another (not during this time). You only give him/her another chance to break your heart all over again. 

#7 Break the pattern or maybe NOT

Some people like to stay away from the places they went with a past relationship. Well I like to revisit those very places! I remember one cafe that I continued to go to every Sunday for their breakfast, like I did in my relationship, except with friends now. I enjoyed their breakfast. Just because a relationship doesn’t work out does not mean that these places on the map need to be crossed out. There’s no way that Im sacrificing my favourite breakfast joint! So neither should you.

#8 Learn from mistakes

After each failed relationship I have made mental note of what I do and don’t want in a relationship. I admit my standards did raise a hell of a lot, but I am glad they did (it’s important to know your self-worth and not lower your standard because they convinced you otherwise). Focusing on being with the right person for me “one day” meant that I didn’t waste my time or his/hers in meaningless relationship. 

“This is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

#9 Don’t be afraid to be alone 

There’s nothing wrong to be single again and there’s nothing wrong that you’re not ready to commit to a whole new relationship all over again. Never let the pressure from peers or family get into you as these decisions should come from you. Sometimes it’s good to have some alone time.


Every relationship is a process and sometimes it didn’t work out for a reason. We can only look forward and learn to love again. Give love a second chance! But take your time; you’re in no rush.

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