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5 Malaysian Instagrammers You Should Follow Right Now

posted by Gordon February 20, 2017 0 comments

Since the launch of Instagram, it has always been ‘the’ social media platform for sharing and exploring creative visuals and appealing photos. Throughout the years, Instagrammers have been building their own profiles to reflect their interest and passion.
With this, many have been focusing on presenting a certain theme or style to look more distinctive and easier to be identified and resonated by others.

These themes consist of aspects like minimalism, travel, cafe and coffee, architecture, fashion and many more.

Here are 5 Malaysian Instagrammers that have been establishing their own creative themes that you should follow right now:

Ryan Liang – @shantommo

Ryan is a fashion designer but it’s nothing like you can imagine. He designs and produces clothings for 12″ and 16″ dolls. His feed is where he showcases his work and poses the dolls in professional looking settings with proper lightings which makes each photo look like an editorial piece.

Here are two more of his Instagram posts:

A post shared by Ryan Liang (@shantommo) on

In between shots

A post shared by Ryan Liang (@shantommo) on

Ben – @bengwooi

Ben is an architect currently based in Singapore. Being an artsy person who loves to sketch, his talent shines in his sketches of shopfronts, buildings, amongst other things. If you love to look at buildings, then this is definitely the profile to follow.
p/s: His captions always inspire positive thinking.

Here are two more of his Instagram posts:

Stick and stones | don't break no bones

A post shared by Ben (@bengwooi) on

It takes two | me and you

A post shared by Ben (@bengwooi) on

Sher Reen – @sherreenl

Being a lover of buildings, coffee shops and travelling to Singapore, Sher Reen showcases her captures of cafe designs, interior inspirations and flat lay food in a very sophisticated theme. A scroll through her profile gives you a very calm feeling that is hard to find in many other profiles. Need us say more? Just look at her number of followers and you’ll know that this is a ‘must follow’.

Here are 2 more of her posts for you to check out.

Jason – @smashpop

He’s a social media personality, Youtuber, photographer and designer. With all these skills and experience, it’s hard for Jason to not produce good looking content for his Instagram profile. Apart from those, he poses for PUMA in some of his OOTD shots as well.
Looking for a cafe to go? His #smashpoprates guide is definitely a must-follow.

2 of his posts to feast your eyes.

Below the bridge, standing tall. Between the towers, looking small. #smashpopmavic

A post shared by Jason 😀 (@smashpop) on

#smashpoptoy: 'Woah… let's share this big cup of coffee, Bullseye!'

A post shared by Jason 😀 (@smashpop) on

Dean – @yiewdean

Dean loves coffee, travelling and most of it all, minimalism. If you are into looking at empty spaces with tiny subjects, then this is the profile to check out. He is very good in spacing out objects in each of his shots. Looking at the geotags of his posts, he frequently travels between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, but that doesn’t limit him in capturing minimal photos in all his daily shots.

More ’empty spaces’ for you to look at.

Come walk with me

A post shared by Dean (@yiewdean) on

Kay El

A post shared by Dean (@yiewdean) on

Which one is your favourite?

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