5 types of ex-boyfriends that girls have to deal with

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Relationships are great. They give you warmth, care from the person you love and companionship whenever you need it.
What’s better is that if the partner you used to date becomes your good friend that helps you with your current relationship dilemmas, frustrations and needs.

But that’s just an example of something many girls dream of. In reality, ex-boyfriends can be scary and annoying at the same time as some may not want to let you go, or some would threaten you to harm your life when you break up with them.

Here are 5 types of ex-boyfriends that every girl might chance upon:

1. The one who hates you to the core

The moment you guys broke up, you instantly become his enemy. Everything you do is an annoyance to him. Sometimes he leaves hate messages on your Facebook and even comments negatively on your photos or anything you post online.
Worst thing? They spread fake news about you to influence people around to hate you as well.

2. They one you wished he didn’t exist

Have you ever dated someone who left no good memories or even is significant enough for you to remember? The relationship you guys had could be short term and was probably established because you had no choice.
Whatever it is, let’s just pretend he didn’t exist ok?

3. The ex you miss only for the sex.

You are in a relationship now and you are happy. But at times, you do miss the ex you dated cos the sex you guys had were so intimately amazing that no one has topped that until now.

Come to think of it, the current boyfriend you have now is good enough.. but you know, something from the previous guy is missing here.

4. The one who broke your heart

This one is like point no.1 here but it’s the other way round. The ex broke your trust or even did something really bad that he promised he wouldn’t do. The breakup was so hard because you love him so much but he just couldn’t be forgiven and he broke you heart so intensely you just got to let him go.


5. The ex that you got back together a few times and regret every time it happens

He was such a great guy but his attitude was so intolerable. He was such a caring guy but his bad habits are so annoying and he didn’t even remove them after so long.
This ex will always come back to you as long as you give him the sign but it always ends up with you regretting it.
Maybe… one more time?

Which one have you experienced before? Let us know in comments below.

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