5 Psychedelic Explosions You Need Right Now

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What’s more tranquilising than music, really.

Especially the ones we’ll be listening to below, which at first-glance, could be frowned upon.

It’s not like this genre was discovered yesterday. Psych rock, for example, has had a long foothold pioneered by the Beatles, Pink Floyd or Yardbirds (just to name a few) that emerged back in the glorious 60’s in the United States and Britain before declining almost a decade later that led performers to explore new musical areas.

There’s a lot more to tell when it comes to this colossal culture. But we’re here for the music, aren’t we? So, sit back, relax and let it drift you to the whimsical lands of rainbows and unicorns.

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That’s Cheshire. Never mind.

#1. Tame Impala – Let it Happen

Tickets are all sold out apparently, but this mind-blowing group will grace our shores April 23.

#2. The Bird and the Bee – Love Letter to Japan

#3. Sufjan Stevens – The Only Thing

This banjo-rocking boy, who already has 7 albums under his belt, is an epitome of psych folk.

#4. The Soundcarriers – Low Light

Nottingham-based. Swirling vocal harmonies. Beguiling. Fly.

#5. Ketchup – Sometimes I Lost My Mind

Hailing from Hong Kong, Ketchup is a concoction of quirky acoustics and dreamy feel-goodness.


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