SK-II Ad Will Make You Think Twice On Marriage

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Often we see cosmetic Ad on TV with beautiful ladies showing off flawless skins. Strutting off the runway in their perfectly permed mane.

Attractive. Prettay. Sexy.

Effectively enough, the selling of aspiration to achieve such looks & glamour will bite thousands of women across the globe. But once a while, you get ad that touches deeply into our lives that makes you think twice on our social issues.

SK-II shows us the struggles of marriage obligation to modern women in China. The ad highlighted the stories of a few women today, and how they are expected to be married at a certain age. Addressing peer pressure, family obligations, and the lowly perception of unmarried women.

The Ad will leave you empowered. Watch it.


Strong. Confident. Beautiful.

Now ladies, that is the Aspiration.

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