This is probably Apple’s cutest behind-the-scenes ad ever

posted by Gordon April 10, 2016 2,159 Comments

When we think of Apple’s TV ads or online commercials, we can never run away from thinking of the white background & a narrator telling us how great a device is.

Well, they still do those ads now but one of their latest ad to feature Siri, is probably one of the company’s cutest and funniest yet. It focuses on a character that is very familiar to everyone, Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.

The way he talks to Siri is just so adorable I could watch it again and again, especially the ending when he says “me wish me can close me eyes”. OMG SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

One part though, he acted cute by saying “me no have watch”, made me wonder why didn’t he get a watch from Apple. 🙂

OKOK we present you, behind the scenes with Cookie Monster and Siri.

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