5 Korean tattoo artists that are fine AF

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Literally so fine, you’ll wonder if it even hurts.

Truth is…it does.

But it is also concurrently empowering, transformative, and healing. While tattoos have been historically deemed intimidating to the populace, it has now become a widely accepted culture in the context of an artistic expression.

With the blooming K-Wave, here are 5 crazily fine artists that tattoo enthusiasts should totally check out when in Korea.

#1. Tattooist Hongdam


via instagram/ilwolhongdam

Instagram : @ilwonhongdam

Kakao ID : ilwolhongdam

Aces in fine lines, watercolour and flowers with a light touch of feminine flair.

#2. Tattooist Flower



Instagram : @tattooist_flower

Kakao ID : mini4965

This young tattooist’s credentials span from intricate letterings to surreally minimalistic watercolour and geometric designs.

#3. Tattooist Memento



Instagram : @memento_tattooist

Email :

Insanely dark hyper realism portrait tattoos. Memento owns Inkholic Tattoo Studio located in the lavish Gangnam District that houses a few other multi-talented tattooists too.

#4. Sanlee Tattoo



Instagram : @sanleetattooer

Kakao ID : sanlee42

Email :

Sanlee’s an award-winning artist specialising in monochrome and bold designs with celebrities like Jay Park and Jessi under her belt.

#5. Tattooist Zeen



Instagram : @tattooist_zeen

Kakao ID : tattooistzeen

Email :

Mostly cos, daym son…he’s hot.

Whether you dream of having your pet lizard, a majestic Hulkbuster or a splash of watercolour inked across your back, these glorious artists will have your adventures sorted when you’re in Korea.

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