5 Taylor Swift Covers All Swifties Adore

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Do you know how Sparks Fly?

That makes you wish you’re Back To December,

Where on Wednesday in the Cafe, it all Began Again…

If you know all the above, and if you’re those that lamented and then switch from Spotify to Apple music, for Taylor Swift. I’m sure you’ve heard and agree with the curated list of Swift’s covers below:

1. Blank Space/Style mashup by Louisa Wendroff

One of the best mashup of Swift’s recent album. Well intertwined, this mashup was a refreshing take on the popular Blank Space song (and even Taylor herself approves!)


2. 4 Taylor by Todrick Hall

This cover will blow your mind away! The versatility of this guy’s vocal is outta this world. Have a listen of this mashup of Swift’s smashing hits.


3. Last Kiss by Boyce Avenue (feat. Megan & Liz)

Only fair if you speak about covers, and the name of Boyce Avenue appears. Having said that, here’s an emotional rendition of Last Kiss by the boys with Megan & Liz.


4. 22 by Alex Goot


5. Safe and Sound by Jayesslee

How can you forget the sweet honey sound of this duo.

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