5 reasons why Malaysians should work from home

posted by Gordon March 29, 2016 1,084 Comments

Let’s look into the life routine of most Malaysians.
7.30am – Wake up
8.15am – Drive to work
9.15am – Arrive at work (after stuck in jam for an hour)
~ after 10 hours ~
7.00pm – Leave work
8.15pm – Arrive home
8.45pm – Dinner

So on average, we spend almost 60% of our day ‘working’. Can you imagine how much more we can do if we were to eliminate the need of going to the workplace to get work done?

Here are 5 reasons why Malaysians should work from home.

1. Make yummy breakfast for family


Your work emails don’t come in every minute. So when you don’t need to check emails, you can use those time to make yourself and your family some pancakes or even cook some really yummy porridge.

2. Play with your pets

Why leave for work when you can do work while brushing your kitten on the sofa? Right? Riight?

3. Run errands


Imagine this. Banks open when you go to work. Closes when you finishes work. HOW DO WE EVEN GET TO DO ERRANDS WHEN WE HAVE TO BE IN THE OFFICE 10 HOURS A DAY?

4. Chill and watch your favourite series


Multitasking is all about watching tv and working on the laptop yes?

5. No more getting stuck in the jam for hours!

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