5 Cars That Are Fun to Drive in KL City and Makes You Look Cool Too

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Traffic in KL City. We dread it but we can’t escape it. So why not be in it with style without compromise? And by compromise we mean : Fun to drive, Cheap to run, Easy to park, Small enough to “wiggle” out of tight spots and best of all, turn heads when you stop and step out.

Here’s our Top 5 picks of these fun head-turners.

#1. Citroen C3

The biggest size car in our list but still city enough. French has always designed quirky looking cars and the C3 is no different. Its non conventional lines are sure to make passerby look twice.

*GAWK* Just look at that view! Great for downtown driving during after the sun has set don’t you think?

#2. Fiat 500

A classic redefined in modern times. This Italian cutesy has put smiles on peoples’ faces for decades and it doesn’t stop.

Stepping in, you cannot fault the insides of this car. Its friendly interior just makes you want to not go anywhere. *That Totoro is sold separately.

#3. Alfa Romeo Mito

Another Italian in the mix. It was so tough to filter them out cos the Italians really do make so many awesome ones. This Mito is small, yet holds its own weight very well to drive. Has a odd looking face like a grasshopper so when you’re in it, stares are guaranteed.

That badge on the wheel and the gauges are a reminder of Italian flair flamboyance.

#4. Toyota iQ

Crossing continents to the the land of micro-cars, Toyota iQ has caught our eyes. Especially this chrome-finished which belongs to our friend. Seats 4 and whizzes about in traffic with ease. That chrome paint really does require some to look at it with a pair if sunglasses during the day. Thanks for the photo Kenji!

Nihon-Kawaii-ness is for everyone!

#5. Smart ForTwo Cabriolet

The only German mach in the list. And also the only selfish-ly 2-seater mobility vehicle in our list. Its has a place in the MOMA Museum. A car that has defined city cars for the past 2 decades still lives on in our roads today. 20 years on, it still is a head-turner for the young and old. Small in size, big in function and economical to run. A city car that was hard to beat, and will still be for years to come.

And for some cool wind up in the mountains out of town, the roof comes off too.



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