This McDonald’s Anime Ad Will Make You Want To Apply For A Job There Instantly

posted by Gordon March 23, 2016 4,033 Comments

We all know McDonald’s, the fast food restaurant at every corner of the city. What we don’t know is that they are hiring new recruits in Japan and they recently launched an anime ad that is so good you would want to watch it again and again.

The ad is so legit it has all the elements that make an anime successful.

– A female senior

– The first meet of 2 potential lovebirds

– Action and drama

This “Crew ni Narō” (join the crew) recruitment campaign is produced by Studio Colorido and features the voices from Japan’s girl group, AKB48. Now seriously, let’s hope McDonald’s release a full season of this anime cos IT’S SO KAWAII DES NEH!

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